Welcome to Okehampton Moving Pictures.

Here you will find details of our film shows in Okehampton and nearby villages.

A film screen set up in a village hall

Okehampton Moving Pictures has been part of Okehampton since the Carlton Cinema closed in 2003. It is run by volunteers who give their time to bring cinema to as wide an audience as possible. Please join us at any of our rural venue film shows and enjoy the digital, surround sound, big screen experience. Or, if your organisation is looking for an evening of big screen entertainment, perhaps to compliment a larger event, get in touch with us. If you have any views on what we do or films we may show or venues where we may show films please contact us. The aim of OMP is to continue to show films in Okehampton and the surrounding villages and to bring the BIG SCREEN experience to as many people as possible. OMP is your Community Cinema. Thank you for supporting us over thepast few years and we look forward to your continuing support in the future. Okehampton Moving pictures continues to keep movie magic alive in the Okehampton area.